The Village Surgery support patients with communication needs

The Village Surgery is committed to supporting any patients with communication needs.

This includes people who are deaf, blind, visually impaired, have speech or language difficulties, don't speak English as a first language, have a learning disability, or have any other communication need.

Being able to communicate effectively with patients is an essential part of providing safe, effective care, and we are committed to making that as easy as possible for all patients in Liverpool.

This includes ensuring that proper support is put in place for people who rely on braille, BSL, or other interpretation services.

The 5 Steps for all NHS staff to take are:

  1. Ask if you have any communication needs. 
  2. Record those needs on your health records.
  3. Ensure that those needs are easily visible on your records.
  4. Share those needs with other services if you are being referred
  5. Make sure those needs are met as part of ALL care.



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